Kamis, 21 April 2011

Hellogoodbye - When We First Met

When we first met, your hair was long and brown
You hadn’t yet cut it all off, and now it’s long once again, oh
Oh, it’s long once again

As I kept track of every haircut that we ever had
I could, I could see how long it had been, oh
Oh, how long it had been

And this thought, made it clearer
I ought to be near her

All I see is where our days repeat
And our love goes on
As our hair grows long

Oh, Chelsea Lynn
I watched your hair grow from the root to tip
I know, I know I have always known
And I always will know
That I could have a single direction until I am dead
I’ll go, I’ll go as I always have gone, and
And I always will go

ps : another sweet song from Hellogoodbye, just imagine, you'll live with someone, and watch his/her hair grows long, and then being cut again, and long again and being cut once again. Simple, but absolutely nice! Thanks to dear *Fourre* who had introduced this awesome song to me. :)


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