Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Dear Blogger Award from Amelia Saga! Yippie!

How long have you been blogging?
August 2010. Haven't reached a year to blogging something actually.

When did the first time you blog?
13th of August 2010, when my life slowly got really bored with a jobless condition, and yet Blog had saved my life. :)

What is your purpose in making blog? 
I love writing and I love story-making since I was in kindergarten, and those stuff around me keep whispering me, to tell their stories to the world. And hope, the readers will love it, and love them just like I do now.

Who inspired you so that your blog becoming like now?
I've got inspired by many bloggers and many people, and one of them is Salamatahari, my favorite writer and blogger. With nice illustrations and also awesome stories about the simple things in life which are being explored deeply, with Indonesian simple and fun words, she's just like a magician that changed those ordinary words become awesome. :) I adore you much Salamatahari!

And now, I'd like to give this Blogger Award to my new friends, who also have an awesome blog, with an amazing ideas inside of them. The question is : WHO? And the answer are ...
- Damar Rakhma , with her blog http://damarakhma.blogspot.com/
- Anne Fitrianggita, with her blog http://iburumahtanggagakadakerjaan.blogspot.com/
- Embun Muda, with her blog http://embunmuda.blogspot.com/
- and always, my adorable creative friend, Dina Rismala, with her blog http://ih-nyala.blogspot.com/

And.. thankyou Amelia Saga, have given this award to me, it's precious, really!
So, see you on next post, clickers! Have a nice day! Don't forget to make The Mother Earth smile! Yippie!!


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